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Diophante  (Les récréations mathématiques de Diophante)
1 - Une bibliothèque de plusieurs centaines de récréations et problèmes mathématiques. 2 - Chaque mois un problème
by Ilan Vardi
<http://cf.geocities.com/ilanpi/mathter.html> <http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jean-paul.davalan/jeux/nim/chomp/index.html>
François Haffner recense actuellement plusieurs milliers de jeux de société. Vous pouvez voir ces jeux à Pierre-Bénite (Rhône) et en adhérant à l'association "Rêves de Jeux", vous pourrez emprunter gratuitement tous les jeux de sa collection.
Un jeu de réflexion pour deux joueurs côte à côte www.wyx.fr
Ou si vous préférez, les Grilles de jeu Wyx sur papier qui utilisent les mêmes dominos que le jeu de société.
Vous aimez les grilles de Sudoku, alors vous apprécierez les grilles de Wyx.
Board and Counter Games, Card Games, Coin Games, Domino Games, Paper & Pencil Game, Paper & Scissors Game
Madras College Maths Department Web Site
Gregory McColm
<http://www.math.usf.edu/~mccolm/RGintro.html> <http://membres.lycos.fr/quelquepart/LOGICO/qcm1.html>
by Mike Hall
<http://www.theallineed.com/games/asteroids.htm> <http://christophe.delord.free.fr/fr/fun/connect4.html> <http://javaboy.free.fr/javaboy.htm>
Anneau des Ressources Francophones de l'Education
En construction. Wythoff, Kayles
Le Musée du Jouet ouvre ses portes en juin 1989, sur l'initiative de la mairie de Moirans-en-Montagne et des industriels du jouet. Son architecture moderne aux couleurs vives est selon l'architecte Guy Bonnivard "comme un gros Lego égaré sur une prairie du Haut-Jura" et renvoie à l'univers du jouet et de l'enfance. Géré initialement par l'Association pour la Tournerie et le Jouet Français, le musée est municipal depuis 1997.
Musée de la civilisation - MVC Musée Virtuel Canada
Jeux de Nim, Stratégies (Pile ou face. Papier, ciseaux ...), Jeux de patience (Grenouilles. Taquin. Concentration. Ping), Puzzles (Transpositions, rotations des lignes ou colonnes), Jeux de lettres , Tour de cartes, Arithmétique cryptée (Opérations à reconstituer)
CryptaGram is the popular scrambled quote game found in many of today's daily newspapers, usually under the title 'CryptoQuote'. Simply put, each letter of the alphabet is exchanged for another. Your job is to decode the quote in the shortest time possible.
And more Links
<http://www.isn.net/~bpj/> <http://kal-el.ugr.es/mastermind/>
by David K. Levine, Department of Economics, UCLA
These games are all taken from: Conway, John. 1976. On Numbers and Games. New York: Academic Press, Inc.
<http://www.cs.uidaho.edu/~casey931/conway/games.html> <http://einstein.et.tudelft.nl/~arlet/puzzles/games.html>
Jean-Paul Davalan
L'étude des jeux paradoxaux de Parrondo relèvent des probabilités (chaînes de Markov)
Paradoxe de Parrondo - Simulations - Calculs par les matrices de transition : calculs des gains : hasard ou mots répétés ou mots infinis
Donner par exemple e=0.001, le mot BABBA, le nombre n=10000 de répétitions, pour obtenir le gain total ou capital accumulé 3678.5, moyen 0.0735710 ...
Jean-Paul Davalan (same english page)
by Juan M.R. Parrondo
<http://seneca.fis.ucm.es/parr/home.html> <http://www.mathpuzzle.com/Fairdice.htm> <http://hjem.get2net.dk/Klaudius/Dice.htm> <http://www.historicgames.com/RPdice.html>
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
<http://www.wikipedia.com/wiki/Game+theory> <http://www.cs.uidaho.edu/~casey931/conway/games.html>
Alexander Bogomolny
<http://www.cut-the-knot.com/SimpleGames/FrogsAndToads.shtml> <http://www.creativepuzzels.nl/spel/speel1/framned.htm>
Le jeu de Nomic a été inventé en 1982 par un professeur de philosophie américain, Peter Suber, dont l'objectif était d'illustrer sa thèse sur le paradoxe de l'auto-amendement.
C'est un jeu dont le but est de changer les règles, mais les règles initiales ne font pas que ça.
The Paradox of Self-Amendment:  A Study of Law, Logic, Omnipotence, and Change
Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College
This book was originally published by Peter Lang Publishing, 1990. It is now out of print
Math Magic updated 12/12/00
Anatomy of a Price War Hewlett-Packard / Compaq vs. Dell
Run the Price War Simulation by Michael Bean
These pages are dedicated to the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in games, a factor in game design which is being taken more seriously by game developers and producers than ever before.
David Joyner
This is an exposition of some ideas of Conway, Curtis, and Ryba on $S(5,6,12)$ and a card game called mathematical blackjack.
<http://web.usna.navy.mil/~wdj/hexad/hexad.html> <http://www.guysfromindia.com/gfi/games/gfiGamesNew.asp?Name=bridges>
Eternity Games - Emmanuel Harang
<http://eternitygames.free.fr/Solitaire.html> <http://www.captage.com> <http://jeudego.org>
David Legland
<http://membres.lycos.fr/dlegland/cavalier/cavalier.htm> <http://www.usna.edu/MathDept/wdj/surreal_numbers.html> <http://www.cut-the-knot.org/ctk/RL-modes.shtml>
João Pedro Neto
<http://www.di.fc.ul.pt/~jpn/gv/index.htm> <http://www.gamerz.net/pbmserv/>
is the number-one kids' brand born on the Internet. At MaMaMedia.com, kids discover by doing and create while clicking. Our engaging activities help them gain technological fluency and expand their minds through playful learning; they can design and animate characters, make their own digital cards, invent games, and more. Our free membership lets kids save, publish, and e-mail their creations to friends. At MaMaMedia.com, almost anything you can dream, you can do.
site that Professor Papert and friends helped create for children (and their parents)
Ravi Shankar Department of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma
Suppose you have a convex polygon placed at some position in the XY-plane (for instance, the origin). You pause to answer your cell phone when the polygon wanders away from its initial position; it does so by reflections in its sides. Your object is to now move it back to its initial position by again using reflections in the sides of the polygon.
Applet 12: Lucy and Lily (medium screen)
Tout est expliqué en page d'accueil.
Mike Keith
Web site of mostly original diversions in mathematics and word play
Experimental & Constrained Writing. Anagrams. Palindromes. Other Literary Topics. The Number Pi. Special Numbers. Prime Numbers. Math and Music. Other Math Topics.
by Mike Ecker Penn State University
Jonathan Schaeffer, Rob Lake, Paul Lu, Martin Bryant, Norman Treloar
Chinook is the World Man-Machine Champion, the first computer program to win a human world championship. This feat is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.
All that you'll find here is material connected with Interactive Fiction (IF) -- text-based adventure games like Zork and its successors.
Andrew Plotkin
<http://www.eblong.com/zarf/home.html> <http://www.chessvariants.com/Gindex.html>
Jeu des Grenouilles

Inverser les positions !


Renju is the professional variant of Go-Moku.
For the beginner of the game it is not allowed to make double-threes, double-fours or more than five in a row. Renju also uses sophisticated opening rules.
<http://www.renju.nu/> <http://www.usgo.org/index.asp> <http://www.msri.org/>
Inform  A Design System for Interactive Fiction
Graham Nelson
Just as film might be called a form of literature which needs technology to be read (a cinema projector or a television set) and to be written (a camera), interactive fiction is read with the aid of a computer. On this analogy, Inform is a piece of software enabling any modern computer to be used as the camera, or the film studio, to create works of interactive fiction. To read the resulting works, you and your audience need only a simpler piece of software called an interpreter.
Dave Walton
264 games in 45 categories! The purpose of this site is to provide a web interface to a large number of Interactive Fiction games... At the moment, the games are mainly just Z-machine (Inform) games.
is a Mozilla app which lets you play adventure games-- specifically, the hundreds of games both modern and ancient available in the Z-machine format.
Thomas Thurman, Eric Liga.
David Kinder and Stephen Granade
Jeff Weeks
Torus and Klein Bottle Games These games are part of the 2-week classroom unit Exploring the Shape of Space for grades 6-10. The award-winning Shape of Space video is available separately or as part of the unit.
String figures are designs formed from nothing more than a loop of string. Most of the time, people use their fingers to weave string figures, but sometimes, they also use their toes, knees, elbows, and mouth. The result is often a fabulous pattern!



Les 12-13-14-15 juillet 2005 pour la 16ème édition



I work for the Department of Economics of the University of Toronto, Toronto. My research interests include game theory and its applications.
School of Economics, Tel Aviv University,
I teach in the Economics Department at Harvard University.
Game Theory and Economic Theory



by Richard Guy



<http://www.npac.syr.edu/java/othello/> <http://www.npac.syr.edu/projects/java/magic/Magic.html> <http://perso.wanadoo.fr/bernard.floch/>



David Bellot - The first deck of SVG playing cards ever created
You can use it everywhere you like : Web pages, games, the GNOME desktop, the KDE desktop, and so on... You can print them on your color printer and make real cards or T-shirts.



pour Windows
<http://fred.just.free.fr/Cjuste/> <http://www.gamesdomain.co.uk/directd/>
AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) is the adventure game engine used by Sierra On-Line(tm) to create some of their early games. Linux AGI Studio is a program which allows you to view, create and edit AGI games. Basically, it is a port of the Windows AGI Studio developed by Peter Kelly.
<http://samhain.cc.huji.ac.il/agi/> <ftp://ftp.medasys-digital-systems.fr/pub/gnu/gnurobots/>
A Finite, Two-Person, Perfect-Information Game Generator



If you want to solve a matrix game, you've surfed to the right web page. Here you are able to enter an arbitrary matrix. It will be considered as a matrix of a matrix game where Player I chooses a row and simultaneously Player II chooses a column. The matrix entry of the jointly selected row and column represents as usual the winnings of the row chooser and the loss of the column chooser.


C / C++ doc




<http://www.ensmp.fr/~95portie/Puissance4/jeu.html> <http://www.tdb.uu.se/~karl/java/mastermind.html> <http://mathforum.org/alejandre/java/jam/Jam.html>
Martin J. Chlond
<http://www.chlond.demon.co.uk/JavaJive.html> <http://www.cs.unimaas.nl/~donkers/games/ruma/>
3d perspective maze.
Goal to get an unbroken line of five stones whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. No restrict to both black and white.
Renju a professional variant of Go-Moku.
with source
<http://www.cit.gu.edu.au/teaching/1104CIT/examples/FNim/Applet/example1.html> <http://www.univ-lemans.fr/enseignements/physique/02/divers/mnujeux.html>
Marko Beznosiuk
The winner is the first player to get 5 spheres in a row, orthogonally or diagonally.
Vladimir Shashin, Russia, St.Petersburg
<http://gomoku.uka.ru/> <http://www.mindsports.net/Networks/MiniMancala/>



En construction. Nim, Nim limité, Fibonacci Nim, Wythoff Déplacement d'un jeton sur un échiquier ou un quadrillage. Kayles Éliminations d'un ou de plusieurs jetons consécutifs de l'un des alignements.
the best collection of Javascript games on the Net! These games will all run inside your web browser, so there's no downloading or installing to be done;
<http://www.javascript-games.org/> <http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/7116/jv_expzl.html>
This is a car driving game. Do you know OutRun? This game is similar to OutRun.(Netscape 4.0 ONLY!)
<http://plaza.harmonix.ne.jp/~jimmeans/artrun/> <http://www.nku.edu/~longa/classes/2002fall/mat115/days/day09/newfib.html>
Game Theory Simulation
Stefan Waner



Theodore L. Turocy & Bernhard von Stengel
Roger A. McCain



Modélisation de la démarche du décideur politique  dans la perspective de l'intelligence artificielle
Daniel K. Schneider sciences économiques et sociales, mention science politique Genève



Jonathan Le Roux
Jeux sur les graphes et théorème de Ramsey par Thomas Chomette
Jeux et stratégies par Thomas Chomette
Drew Fudenberg and David K. Levine June 26, 1996; revised July 30, 1996
A. N. Walker University of Nottingham, UK
by Arthur Holshouser, Harold Reiter and James Rudzinski
Fibonacci Nim
Michael Zieve
Games of No Chance MSRI Publications Volume 29, 1996
Bruno Bouzy, Charles Mary
Le jeu de Go est un jeu d'origine chinoise vieux de trois à quatre mille ans qui est très populaire au Japon, en Chine et en Corée où il existe des joueurs professionnels. Il ne s'est développé que récemment aux États-Unis et en Europe où il n'existe que de forts amateurs. Ses règles sont très simples mais sa complexité est immense. jeu d'Échecs n'est seulement (!) que de 1070 environ. Le meilleur programme de Go a seulement le niveau de débutant en club Le précurseur de la programmation du jeu
Mathematical games: The memory game, The complexity of mean payoff games on graphs, Sokoban and other motion planning problems, Jenga
Mark Levene and George Roussos
a new extension of Conway's game of life for two players
Joseph Kahane and Alexander J. Ryba The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
a non-enumerative proof that the $P$-positions of the hexad game give the Steiner system $S(5,6,12)$.



<http://www.tau.ac.il/ijgt/index.html> <http://www.gdmag.com/>
Ken Tidwell - a games magazine October 2000
The Game Cabinet is a monthly games magazine distributed exclusively on the World Wide Web. The magazine primarily covers family, beer and pretzel, and strategy games with an occassional nod to war games, miniatures, and roleplaying games. Readers are encouraged to look elsewhere for information about computer games.
Ivars Peterson
Even the simplest of games can pose tough mathematical challenges. One such game is Chomp. It was invented in the early 1970s by David Gale of the University of California, Berkeley, who was also responsible for the board game Bridg-it, and it was later dubbed Chomp by Martin Gardner.
Interestingly, Chomp is equivalent to a game based on an arithmetic problem. Two players start with a positive integer N and a list of all the divisors of N, including N but excluding 1. The players take turns crossing out a divisor and all its multiples. The player forced to take N loses.



Danny Sleator and Alan Frieze
<http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/academic/class/15859-f01/www/index.html> <http://www.math.ucla.edu/~tom/Game_Theory/Contents.html>



Martin J. Osborne
Author: Martin J. Osborne
This hypertext tutorial covers the core material in second-year undergraduate course I taught in the winter semesters of 1997 and 1998 at McMaster University. It is based on my lectures; like them, it focuses on the basic theory. It includes some examples and exercis
Core War (or Core Wars) is a programming game where assembly programs try to destroy each other in the memory of a simulated computer. The programs (or warriors) are written in a special language called Redcode, and run by a program called MARS (Memory Array Redcode Simulator).
Ilmari Karonen



Dominique Perrin
Jeux et Strategies, Seminaire a l'ENS du 23 mars 1996.



par Frédéric CHOUMETTE & Frédéric COLARD
by Paul Walker 1 April 1995
<http://william-king.www.drexel.edu/top/class/histf.html> <http://sunsite.utk.edu/math_archives/.http/hypermail/historia/sep00/0131.html>






maintained by Goob and Zarf and David and Stephen
IF Art Show



by Dave Rusin
Parties aliquotes (jeu des diviseurs), Euclide (jeu des différences), Coin strip, Kayles, Quinze (choisir trois entiers de somme 15), TicTacToe (aligner trois cases), Wythoff.
Grenouilles, Taquin, Concentration, Ping.
<http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jean-paul.davalan/jeux/solitaires/index.html> <http://www.combinatorics.org/Volume_8/PDF/v8i2r9.pdf>
SCV Scientific Computing and Visualization
Madras College
THE FREEWARE PUBLISHING SITE offers a collection of the best freeware for WINDOWS 95/98. The software presented is no shareware or commercial demoware. But... real FREEWARE. Every day new Freeware is presented ... Almost every day new freeware is submitted, Check here the 50 NEWEST FREEWARE links. If you are looking for something special, you can SEARCH this site by keywords.
<http://www.curanow.com/freeware/Games.htm> <http://www.rubilon.kulichki.com/games/orbox.html>



Sergiu Hart Last updated: Mon Feb 07 13:58:53 2000






Daily Chess Problem - Fiver



<http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jean-paul.davalan/liens/liens_nim.html> <http://dir.yahoo.com/Recreation/Games/Puzzles/Rubik_s_Cube/Solutions/> <http://forum.swarthmore.edu/~jay/learn-game/inspire/pages.html>
Combinatorial Game Theory studies strategies and mathematics of two-player games of perfect knowledge such as chess or go
Dave Rusin
<http://www.math.niu.edu/~rusin/uses-math/games/index.html> <http://compgeom.cs.uiuc.edu/~jeffe/mathgames.html> <http://www.wegout.com/database/games.htm> <http://www.mazeworks.com/links.htm>
La Guilde des Joyeux Clercs de Lune - Xavier RETAUX



<liens_neumann.html> <http://dir.yahoo.com/Recreation/Games/> <http://www.google.com/search?q=jeux&num=100&meta=hl%3Dfr%26lr%3DSELECTED&safe=off&btnG=Recherche+Google>

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